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rapid remote support
billed per 15 min
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Skilled Engineers at Hourly or Monthly Rates

We employ local full-time technicians with professional tools for rapid diagnostics and problem solving

rapid remote support
billed per 15 min
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normalized contract
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Need help with computers? Call 306-244-3551 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for 24/7 support.


Complete proactive tasks monthly to make sure your systems are available when you need them.


Avoid unexpected downtime with round-the-clock monitoring that identifies issues before they go critical.

Accounting Software

Automate and grow your business with less overhead using Spire Systems and Microsoft software. We offer 30-day free trials for both, so you can try before you buy.

We offer Spire Systems for small to medium businesses, and Microsoft Dynamics for larger companies. Both packages generate invoices, quotes, track inventory, have double ledger accounting, and run on a structured query language (SQL) database that can be extended to your webstore or other applications.

Computer Repair

Need help with your computers? If it still turns on and has internet we can diagnose or fix it remotely for less than in person. If it doesn't turn on, we can come to you or you can bring it to our office to troubleshoot on our fully equipped service bench.

We troubleshoot Microsoft Professional operating systems including Microsoft Windows Server. We charge per hour for desktop, server and network repair. We bill in 30-minute increments when onsite, and in 15-minute increments for remote support.

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Sutton Benefits & Sutton Wealth Planning

Sutton Planning is a local Saskatoon business started by Bob Sutton in 1990 as Sutton Financial Group. Bob started out offering life insurance and as his clients came to trust him they asked for more financial services, which lead to expansion into wealth planning and other financial products.

The Sutton team has grown to over 12 advisors in 2021 and offers many financial services including benefits and pensions. As their business has grown so has their computer hardware and software needs to include a virtualized server infrastructure and complex communications stack.

In the quickly evolving and competitive market of financial planning, Sutton Planning offers reliable services with experienced and professional advisors and leverages the expertise of NICS to stay at the competitive edge of their industry while mitigating technological risks.

Computer and Network Maintenance

Take a proactive approach with NICS managed services to keep your systems and networks healthy and available when you need them.

At NICS, we take a normalized cost approach to your technology services that aligns our costs with yours, making the efficiency of your technology our priority. We value our client relationships and strive to improve the value of our services, maintain open communications, and use our resources to improve our community.

Computer Monitoring and Proactive Response

We install software monitors on each of your devices that checks for pending failure conditions including high temperatures and repeated failed login attempts.

We offer monitoring per workstation and server to reduce the cost of your downtime. Contact us today for pricing with priority response options.